Mayor Oglesby

Ian was born and raised with his two siblings by his single mother in North Chicago, IL. He currently lives in Seaside, CA, with his wife, Rita. Ian began his life of service at the age of 17 enlisting in the United States Army. After his military service, he took a position with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Ian received a special appointment to the Security and Investigation Unit as an Investigative Officer. During his 27 years there, he gained a deep understanding of and the importance of education and rehabilitation within and out of the prison setting. Ian has fought to make sure our youth will not be funneled into the criminal industrial complex. During his time as Mayor, Ian has brought a performance-driven approach to the job by creating a more responsive, streamlined delivery of city services. He continues to fight for affordable housing, equitable treatment for all people, has continuously provided opportunities for economic development, pathways for upward mobility for Seaside residents. By spearheading initiatives such as Campus Town, pushing forward the Ascent project (together, they will add over 250 affordable housing units), and ensuring the City Hall Solar Parking project is completed.Ian remains focused on quality of life issues including fixing sidewalks and repairing our roads. He has continuously strived to make Seaside better and looks forward to fighting every day on your behalf, making Seaside a place where more people, especially our children can live, work, and play.

(Ian and his wife Rita )


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