Thank You!

I remain humbled by the faith the voters have placed in me. And I thank you! I want to thank our campaign committee members and volunteers that walked, talked, and spread the word of a campaign to build a healthier community and better Seaside. With your help, we have built a winning coalition of youth advocates, parents, grandparents, young adults, seniors, union members, small business owners, teachers, community leaders of the past, present, and future. I'd also like to thank those who donated, hosted zoom meetings, yard signs and billboards. I owe my utmost thanks to you the voter. I'm excited to continue to serve the residents of Seaside and will work hard everyday to improve our lives! Again, thank you!

"...your care and concern for the community of Seaside is above reproach you truly were born to lead... THIS IS YOUR TIME THIS IS YOUR MOMENT...VOTE SEASIDE VOTE FOR... IAN OGLESBY FOR MAYOR OF SEASIDE ...BUILD SEASIDE BETTER.."
Paul Arroyo
Mayor Ian Oglesby 2020
"Everywhere we look we can see the impact Mayor Oglesby's leadership has had on cleaning up Seaside. He has a history of transparency. He supports the good work and leadership of Police Chief Abdul Pridgen, which keeps Seaside safe."
Joe Cubbage
Mayor Ian Oglesby
"Hi, I'm Vicki Myers and I support Ian Oglesby for Mayor of Seaside because Seaside deserves the best. During these unprecedented times Seaside needs a Mayor who has Seaside's best interest at heart. Ian Oglesby is that Mayor and is the only candidate who truly has the experience, the knowledge, and the will to lead Seaside through these troubled times. Please vote Ian Oglesby for Mayor. "
Vicki Myers
Mayor Ian Oglesby 2020
"Hello, I'm George III and I'm endorsing Ian Oglesby for Seaside Mayor 2020."
George Pincham III
Mayor Ian Oglesby 2020
”... Ian Oglesby for Mayor is a proven leader that chooses to work WITH the citizens of Seaside- NOT against them! We choose Ian Oglesby!”
Matthew Myers
Mayor Ian Oglesby 2020
"As a retired Seaside Police Chief and homeowner in the City of Seaside since 1977, I proudly endorse Ian to continue as the mayor of Seaside.  I rarely endorse candidates... but the stakes are great here.  Ian is the candidate I know who will put the safety of the Seaside community first.  Thanks for everything you've done for Seaside, Ian. 
Tony Sollecito
Mayor Ian Oglesby 2020
You can't get any better than him. Vote to re-elect Ian Oglesby for Seaside. No one can do it better than him.
Lisa Lewis
Mayor Ian Oglesby 2020
Gracie Rubio
Fmr. First Lady
Dennis Alexander
Fmr. Seaside Mayor Pro-Term
Darryl Choates
Seaside Business Owner
Marieta Aranda
Filipino Community Organization of the Monterey Peninsula, Treas.
Mary Ann Carbone
Mayor, Sand City
Joy Anderson
District Governor, Rotary #5230
Paul & Michelle Arroyo Jr.
Seaside Business Owner
Asia Smith
Seaside Business Owner
Richard & Phyllis Avila
Seaside Business Owner
Angelo Henry
James Bogan
Pastor Ronald Britt
Greater Victory Temple
Nancy Amadeo
Fmr. Marina City Council Mbr.
Bennie Cooper
Retired Seaside Police Chief
Allyne Sendolo
Carmen Catugda
Samantha Chioino
Sheena Chioino
Dwayne Choates
Illona Cooper
William Zeigler
Fmr. Pres. Monterey Branch NAACP
Marie De Franco-Guth
Terry Edwards
Steven Goings
Dr. Bettye Lusk
MPUSD Board of Trustees
Lucy Gomez
Debra Gramespacher
MPUSD Board of Trustees
Bill Grandy
Pst. Cmdr. VFW Post #8679
Ron Guth
Fmr. Seaside Police Officer
Rita Harp
Alvin Edwards
Monterey Peninsula Water Mgmt. Dist.
Cynthia Haynes
Danny Huynh
Business Owner
Eugene Ivey II
Don Jordan
Fmr. Seaside Mayor
Alice Jordan
Community Leader
Shanda LeBoeuf
MaryAnn Leffel
Monterey Peninsula Airport Distict
Lisa Lewis
Community Leader
Joy Lucido
Merrilyn Mancini
Tom Mancini
Fmr. Seaside Mayor Pro-Tem
Bobby Maxwell
Pres. Police Athletic League
William McKnight
Sieglinde McKnight
Vernon McKnight
Jennifer Miller
Mary Miller
Robert Moore
Benny Mosqueda
Seaside Business Owner
Miriam Mull
Toni Mull
Pastor Kenneth Murray
Ocean View Baptist Church
Vicki Myers
Fmr. Seaside Police Chief
Alana Myles
MPUSD Board of Trustees
Ramona Olaeta-Reed
Brd. Mem. NIC & Pacchetti Dog Park
Mary Owens
Retired Educator
Dave Pacheco
Seaside Mayor Pro-Term
Ann Marie Pagan
Paula Pastorino
Samira Perry
George Pincham III
Seaside Business Owner
Princess Pope
Ray Pope
Maricela Ramos
Helen Rucker
Fmr. MPUSD Trustee & Council Mbr.
Nathaniel Sawyer
Community Activist
Bill Enders
Seaside Business Owner
Gloria Scott
Arlene Shake
John Smith
Tony Sollecito
Retired Seaside Police Chief
Susie Banks-Peterson
Michael Spalletta
Seaside Business Owner
Becky Stofer
Darrin Thomas
Jeanette Walton
Diana Ward
American Legion Post 591 Auxillary Pres.
Michael Ward
Cmdr. American Legion Post #591
Ruthie Watts
Fmr. Pres. Mtry. Branch NAACP
Jan Zeigler
Esther Malkin
Monterey Peninsula Renters United
Mark Carbonaro
Maria Kausin
Arnold Nobida
Seaside Business Owner
Charlie Brown
Fmr. MPC Trustee
Gayle Tier
Steve Bloomer
Former Seaside Mayor Pro-Tem
Dr. Nancy Kotowski
Former MCOE Superintendent
Ron Manjares
Libby Sofer
Sand City Council Member
Guadalupe Perez
Diana Ingersoll
Alana Chow-Hoon
Alfi Sani
Mitt Sawhney
LisAnn Sawhney
Director, Monterey Peninsula Airport District
Billy DeBerry
Retired MPUSD Superintendent
Sandra Gray
Seaside Art & History Commission
Bob Ingersoll
Willie Gray
Jaime Morales
Ron Johnson
Lynn Johnson
Lanny Olis
Community Activist
Kora Sambrano
Paul and Grace Arroyo
Joe Cubbage
Starra Hill
Annette Garnett
Yvonne Kirkland
Claudia & Bunn Washington
Michelle Rubio Moore
Eric Moore
Erika Nava
Silia Foliaki & Family
Neofito Santos
Robert ”Bob” Coble
Brian Pratt
Otis Stevenson
Seaside Business Owner
Lolly Morin
Elizabeth Kellogg
Luyuan Zhao
Byrl Anderson Smith​
Fmr. MPUSD Trustee
Laura Steuer
Leroy Hamilton
John & Gwen Nash
Art Nobida
Seaside Business Owner
Teresita Malate
Ray Dandridge
Marian “Mae Mae” Williams
Monica Mapp-Smith
Don Mikell
Linda Waligora
*Partial List