Economic Development

The keys to sustainable prosperity of any community is its’ ability to: retain a well-educated workforce, maintain a small business-friendly environment; create policies that incentivize economic growth while keeping taxes low; protect natural environmental resources; and smart-infill development proposals.                                                

The diversity of our residents in thoughts, beliefs, and values is our greatest strength. We’re at our strongest when all residents can maximize their abilities. It starts with an excellent public pre-K through college system, skilled union labor and professional career pathways with livable wages, and equitable opportunities for all.

When given a fair chance within an equitable environment, our residents will thrive like others. It is not enough just to grow the economic pie; more workers need to be at the table when the pie is sliced up! Ian has fought for the  Campus Town Project. Along with providing jobs the Campus Town project will provide opportunities for an Apprenticeship Programs. “The Apprenticeship Program will provide people more options;  it’s a long lasting program that yields life results” . The program gives people the opportunity to learn trades such as Carpentry, HVAC, Electrical,  Engineering, and Plumbing. In addition to the program making Seaside residence competitive for Campus Town related positions outside of the allocated job slots it will also ensure that Seaside will be less susceptible to outsourcing in these trades.

If re-elected, I will: 

  • Create more housing availability choices for those making less than $75K
  • Encourage economic & small business development
  • Incentivize local jobs that pay livable wages, with career pathways
  • Build a healthier community, using equity as a guide     

Affordable Housing

Stagnant wages, the current recession, and a shortage of affordable housing options have forced many residents to spend more than the recommended 30% of monthly income on housing. The shortage of affordable housing options has forced residents to relocate, forgo basic needs, go without comforts, and in some cases driven people into homelessness. 

By adopting housing affordability policies for all income levels, we can ensure more residents stay in Seaside. This will create a healthy, and diverse community with a future for upward  mobility and family worth creation. I am working towards policies that will increase the supply of all housing types for all income levels. 

 If re-elected, I will fight for packages of Housing Affordability Stabilization Policies that:

  • Adopts a city ordinance creating a Housing Affordability Commission, with a specific mandate to research, analysis, and recommend data driving housing policies changes that address our housing affordability crisis
  • Require the city to partner with low-income housing providers, and local builders to construct workforce and moderate to low-income housing for those making less than $75K in annual income
  • Partner with local employers to build onsite “employee housing”
  • Increase the city’s “inclusionary housing percentage” for new development


Reimagining Communities


I have always and will continue to fight for community services that advocate for equitable treatment for all the people of Seaside.

 Community Safety and Violence Prevention 

In response to community concerns over the level of police funding, Ian voted to fund the initial steps of what will become the Community Equity Initiative(s)—a public health approach with evidence-based violence prevention strategies to address the root causes of violent crime. Ian believes we should change from a Community Policing model to a Community Safety and Violence Prevention methodology. Ian used his position to vote to allocate half a million dollars: to pair mental and behavioral health professionals with the Seaside Police Department (SPD) officers. They will respond to calls when and where their expertise is required or requested. Ian is also spearheading the initiative to coordinate with MPUSD to use some of their time in our schools. He believes that the remaining bulk of funds should support grassroots community programs. As a community, we must be committed to meeting residents where they are, not where we think they should be.

Community members are more likely to report crimes and come forward as witnesses when they trust law enforcement and view them as legitimate and protective entities in their community. Thus, making a safer community for all, one where law enforcement officers are not required to take the lead in non-violent calls allowing them to focus on violent crimes requiring their specialized skill set.

If re-elected, I will work to:

  • Adopt a public health approach to crime prevention and intervention by addressing the root causes of crime in long-term, sustainable ways
  • Require quarterly reporting all incidents or allegations of excessive or unnecessary uses of police force data to the city council
  • Require independent investigations and prosecutions of all police killings
  • I will push to create a community-led Blue Ribbon Task Force. The  task force will be responsible for establishing a new model for Community Safety and Violence Prevention in Seaside

Fund a Community Equity Initiative

  • Expand high-speed Wi-Fi access to underserved area with high pre-K to college aged students first 
  • Stand up our Youth (leadership) Commission, so their voices are heard
  • Work with a local non-profit who would lead the initiative

Education & Youth Engagement

Ian believes that education is important because it gives us knowledge of a world much larger than ourselves; while simultaneously providing perspective for our own lives. Access to good education has the power to provide viable career paths, upward mobility, and self confidence. Ian believes that we should prioritize our youth by providing access to viable education options and youth engagement programs.

 Early Childhood & Youth Investment  

It’s in the city’s best interest to ensure our youth have a strong foundation built on the best research for early childhood development programs.

 Starting with increased access and opportunities to early childhood, youth, and teen city funded  enrichment programs. This would create a holistic program that encourages a lifelong passion for learning and positive behavior.

 If re-elected, I will push for bold new policies to:

 ▪Partner with preschool service providers to increase our number of safe and affordable preschool slots.

▪Offer year-around youth & teen reading programs in our recreational program.

  • Create a Seaside Job and Career Resources Training (Teen) Center
        • prepares youth for employment through mentorship and networking, and managing their emotions 
        • Provides  STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics), coding, meditation,  and college prep resources
        • Pre Apprenticeship programs 


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